Mia Chapter 11: When You Hurt Me The Most

Mia Chapter 11: When You Hurt Me The Most …. Read More Here

“Turn around,” he growls. He is fuming.

Fuck no! “What?” Oh God, he is going to kill me, or her. Or both of us.

“You heard me, sweetheart. Turn around, I wanna see what I might be buying later.” Oh, heck.

“It’s just a costume. There’s no need to get your knickers in a twist.” I place my hand on the bar in an act of defiance but he sweeps it off and growls again.

“Turn around.” Very slowly I turn away from him and I hear the sharp intake of breath from every man with in twenty feet of me. “What the fuck is that?”

“My ass. What did you think it was?” I reply defiantly. Knowing what he is looking at, what they are all looking at I bend forward slightly and arch my back so that they can all get a good view. There is very little to the back of the costume. What there is is a big gaping cut out that reveals the top half of my ass crack. I could kill that bitch Elena but right now I have to play this so as not blow our cover. “Do you like what you see…Sir.”

Looking back over my shoulder I bat my eyelashes a couple of times before lowering my gaze to his crotch. Yeah, he likes it alright. When he notices the attention we are getting he moves closer in behind me.

“I am going to kill her. And then I am going to take you over my knee and give you a spanking that will make your skin red and my hand ache. Do you understand me?” I have never seen Ethan this mad before. It’s kinda hot.


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