Going Grey Chapter 16: Leave Out All The Rest

Chapter 16: Leave Out All The Rest … Read more here

“You’re just going to let him get away with that? No explanation?”

He’s your brother, you ask him.” I shrug and that is enough to have her all up in my face thumping her pointy digit in my chest.

“They. Are. Married.”

I grab hold of her finger and point mine at her chest. “I. Know.”

“Well…Don’t you care that your little sister shacked up with a man that she hardly knows and didn’t bother to tell you?”

You are being unreasonable because you’re upset and worried but this shit has to stop.” She turns her back on me in a huff. I place my hands carefully on her shoulders. She needs to know that I get this, I really do…but I’m not going to stay in the firing line. “Babe, the last I checked, they are both consenting adults and think about it. And how much shacking up have you seen them do in the past few weeks.”

She starts foot tapping? Seriously? Foot tapping?

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