Not Quite Dirty -Reblog or Coblog

The beautiful Becca from Lady or Not…Here I Come  posted a conversation that we had earlier today on her blog.  I am not sure if this is amazingly creative or the height of blogging laziness.

If it is the latter I wanted to go one better and reblog her blog of our blog conversation on her blog post. So here it is….

Not Quite Dirty.

She called me her muse.  I like this; the Beatrice to her Dante, the Marie-Therese to her Picasso, the Yoko to her John. I hope that I haven’t been one of the 10 Most Scandalous Muses in Art History [NSFW] – Flavorwire.

Thalia Muse of Comedy

I like to think that I have been, in this instance, her Thalia, muse of comedy – cos Becca is shit truckloads of funny. (She doesn’t use bad language)

Anktd (pronounced ‘Cat’)-y Art

– All Vaginas Are Unique

All vaginas unique

The whole conversation came about due to Becca’s love of making up words. This is a constant search for any writer but for erotic writers (which Becca isn’t but I think she should be) in particular.  After all how many ways can one say ‘throbbing member’? Well according to my research there are lots of ways.

Some websites which might assist to enhance your writing vocabulary.

50 Great Names for Vagina.

25 Republican-Approved Ways to Say ‘Vagina’ Without Offending Political Pussies.

The Incredibly Rude Logophile: Day 4 of Alternative Words for Penis.

Victorian slang – sexual slang.

Talking Not Quite Dirty Together

Becca and I are now considering a collaboration.  I think it could be a raging success.  I imagine that if we combined our extraordinary bloggasmic skills, we could  create a new erotic genre.   Nigella Lawson, the Goddess of Food Porn could become our Thalia.


11 thoughts on “Not Quite Dirty -Reblog or Coblog

  1. rebecca2000 says:

    LOL I am not lazy, I am just smart. That said, I do make a post a day, every day. I wanted to sleep in today. SO :P. Wait until I am your house guest. I am going make you do dishes. Luvs ya bunches.



    • See, efficiency, just like the picture says. I actually think you’re pretty brilliant (or pretty and brilliant). And yes, you are more superior and prolific in your bloggasms than I. I am, however, sitting here typing a reply at 11.30pm while the rest of my family are out in the kitchen doing the dishes. As my house guest, you will be afforded the same den mother privileges. I promise. Luvs ya too.


  2. Becca sent me here, I liked it, I think I’ll camp for awhile.


    • You are more than welcome. It’s a coin operated shower, no cooking inside your tent, lights out by 11pm. The camp brothel is the standard layout; liquor in the front, poker in the rear. Enjoy your stay!!


  3. This is a potential collaboration of epic proportions. Like Abbot and Costello. Mutt and Jeff. Laverne and Shirley. Good & Plenty.
    But I’m not quite sure how to react to that many anktds together.


  4. Shane says:

    That vid of Nigela is funny. My wife and I used to listen to a lot of cooking shows with our eyes closed and were amazed the the extend at which many of them sound like porn. Not that know what that is. I knew a guy that told me about it…once…in passing. Said something about trimming a bush but I’m not into gardening television.

    Becca is too lazy…she’s just to lazy to admit it.


    Letters From A Father


    • Sssshhh … We mustn’t talk about Becca that way. She has that vicious right hook she doesn’t want the world to know about. The word is efficient not lazy. I believe you about the porn. Millions wouldn’t but I do. Nudge, nudge, wink, wink, say no more!


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