Mia Chapter 10: Hell of a Season

Mia Chapter 10: Hell of a Season … Read More Here

“Are you going to tell me what has you pissed?” I turn around to face her, splashing water out on the floor.

She pouts. “You spent all night in the company of a beautiful hot woman, buying her drinks and all I could do was sit and watch you. You didn’t even notice I was there.”

“Mia, I was doing my job. And that hot woman is my sister’s best friend and your brother’s girlfriend. She is like a sister to me. I wasn’t about to leave her alone when your brother had just abandoned her on the street to go look after his freaky ex-sub.” I catch the look in her eye and see that I have gone too far.

“Christian did what he had to do. And I bet he didn’t abandon her. Taylor was with her, wasn’t he?”

We stare at each other angrily for a moment before I speak. “Yes, Taylor was with her but Christian should have called the police. He isn’t qualified to handle Leila’s mental state nor should he have confronted a woman with a gun.”

“Are you going to tell me that if someone was holding a gun on me that you wouldn’t try to do something about it?”

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