Fifty Shades of the No 19 Tram – Short Story

Fifty Shades of the No 19 Tram – Read Here

Long ago I accepted that I am a real life example of the timid, bumbling idiot that the literature nazis scorn. When I read their scathing reviews, spouting the demise of the feminist movement at the hands of illiterate housewives-turned-authors, I am tempted to write in shouting capitals “SHE DOES EXIST! I AM SHE!” but I am not brave enough. Does that make me my own worst enemy?

5 thoughts on “Fifty Shades of the No 19 Tram – Short Story

  1. Sasha, I love your one-shot! I can definitely appreciate that this nameless heroine is so ultimately relatable. It’s nice to read fantasy erotica, but having a bit of realistic erotica is quite the unexpected treat…kind of like, “Oh! That’s something that could actually happen to me!” : )

    Reading your chapters or one-shots is always a treat because of your versatility. I don’t get that, “Yeah, yeah, I’ve read it all before” feeling. Here’s a new tagline for your blog. Sasha Cameron…keepin’ it fresh! : )


  2. Heather Blackburn says:

    I love this! Please, please post another chapter- I’m dying to know what happens next!


  3. Sheila Hall says:

    Saw your link on 50s Meander and decided to give it a try. I have to say that I really like the idea of Kate/Elliott/Mia stories, they have been fantastic so far. I have not finished going through all the chapters but I just wanted you to know that I am enjoying everything so far, you are another good author and thank you.


  4. skinsavant says:

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