Going Grey Chapter 14 Fix You

Going Grey Chapter 14 Fix You … Read More Here

“You have got to be kidding me.” Her husky voice groans into my chest with a giggle. It’s enough to make me completely tent the sheets as she lifts her head. “God Elliot, when you get old and gray I’ll have to put you into the home for the perpetually horny.”

I laugh, “Yeah, I’ll be getting morning wood but I won’t remember what I’m supposed to do with it.” I roll her over onto her back, half straddling her and lean in for a kiss. “Hey, sweet thing. How are you feeling this morning?”

“Used and abused. I think I have chafing on my chafing and I’m pretty sure that we broke a table last night.” I roll over onto my back again and snuggle her into me.


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