Chapter 12 Wanted

Chapter 12 Wanted Read Here

I am on my third time through my little speech when I notice a movement to my left a little further up the track. Standing there staring at me is a goat. I look around a bit to see where it might have come from but there are no animals around here. Then I notice that it has a collar on and is dragging a rusty metal chain behind it. The chain is about 15 feet long and doesn’t appear to be attached to anything at the other end. It seems that this particular goat might have been chained in back of one of the local properties, probably to keep the grass around the house down while the owners are in off season and the house empty. Now that I think of it there is a structure that looks like a dog kennel further back at the base of this track so it might even be Christian’s goat.


A/N  The challenge for the week was to work Jose the Goat into a chapter of FanFiction.  He seems to fit perfectly here.  Please review – I love hearing what you think. Sasha xox

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