Making Mia Teaser

I feel really guilty that I haven’t been able to do a Going Grey update for a while so as a peace offering I am giving you a peak at Making Mia.  Hope you enjoy the intrigue!

Read the Prologue here…

She emerged from the sea like a dark angel. Except for the hair, a gaudy harsh purple, she was the most stunning creature he had ever seen, her body deeply bronzed by the Mediterranean sun. She didn’t pay any attention to the people on the beach as she progressed over the hot sand towards the spot where she had placed her towel and bag. Sucking in his breath as she bent over, he hoped like hell that she wouldn’t look too closely at him or the bulge forming in his shorts. His dark glasses would make it difficult for her to observe his gaze but it didn’t matter. Surely she must know that the majority of males within a hundred meter radius had trained their eyes on her. He had merely become one of many.

 “She won’t be easy.” Jean-Claude stretched out on his sun-lounger beside him.

 “Tell me again what we know.”

5 thoughts on “Making Mia Teaser

  1. Dana says:

    Can’t wait you tease!


  2. kaz says:

    Ooohh .. and it starts.. Missed you this week ! Leaving us hangin’… lol x


  3. Just back from two days of tedium and have been working on Grey since I got in the door. It is the first time i have had the headspace in a week. Promise an update soon. 🙂


  4. kaz says:

    Know it will be worth the wait ! x


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