Reblog Thursday on Tuesday

Pretty Please.

I only reblog the best people for the week and usually I would reblog on Thursday but this is special and quite frankly I am behind in my writing so it fills a gap.

So I want you to a) read this awesome blog post by my friend Becca and b) vote for Lady or Not at Circle of Moms (and then vote again).  She deserves it; she is a great hypothetical mother, a more betterer blogger than me, a real writer (comes complete with pants and a bra – comes naked as well I have heard) and she has great tits.  Mine might be better but I would never tell her that because she would take away my Beccanet.

Virtual boobs

Thanks for answering the call.  Sasha xox


2 thoughts on “Reblog Thursday on Tuesday

  1. rebecca2000 says:

    LMAO you made my day. Thanks so much for this. My rack is better… but I could see how yours would be second best. 😉 You know I adore you right?


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