The One About Ben Wa Balls

The One About Ben Wa Balls.

While I laughed out loud , in the end this is just damn sound advice. This blog will go to the top of my greatest hits list.  The membership of Fifty Shades of Grey Fan Fiction group salute you. 🙂

3 thoughts on “The One About Ben Wa Balls

  1. rebecca2000 says:

    I commented on hers, thought it was yours first. See how bright I am? Well she got a bit of tmi from me. I said:

    Did you get money plugging this? LOL I have tried them. They said to lay down first and try one, nutton, so I stood up and walked around nothing, then tried two, nutton, so I decided I must be good.

    I had the funniest dream that the fifty sades book was stalking me. I have to write about that soon.


    • I should have charged them – damn! I have some that I haven’t tried out of the FSOG Fetish Kit – yeah, I am that sad that I bought one. Of course, if I had known that size matters I would have been more selective. Now I am worried that they might get lost up there, never to be seen again. I gave birth to giant babies, I’m not sure what we have to work with any more. TMI!? 😉

      Please do another fifty shades post.


      • rebecca2000 says:

        I will I am sure. I have too much fun with my posts and I have my pet subjects. Fifty Shades is one of them. I think I have mentioned it in at least 10 posts. I gave birth to babies with 90th percentile heads, so c-section saved my naughty bits.


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