Launching Book 3: Going Grey

Going Grey – Book 3 of Kate and Elliot’s story is here and I am launching it with two chapters.

Going Grey

Chapter 1: In The Shadows

Seattle, you seem to be preoccupied with all things Grey so La Ferret has been snooping about to satisfy the Grey-sessed.


Chapter 2: Mouth


“8-7.” Maneuvering myself back into serving position I immediately launch an impossible lob that Christian has no chance of getting to. Taking a moment to retie my shoelace I am aware of him stalking toward me. I look up at his intimidating stance over me. Deliberately taking my time I rise up and face off with him. At first it looks like he isn’t going to say anything. Then his voice, cold and menacing spits out.

“What the fuck was that?” He expects me to cower. Not this time, not any more.

“A point to me, fuckwit.” I chest bump him pushing him backwards across the court. More shock filters through his glare than I have ever seen and I mentally give myself a high five. Expecting him to move into position so I can take another point off him I am surprised when he is still standing directly in front of me as I prepare to serve. It only takes a moment for the look on his face to piss me off completely. It is Christian and his piss poor timing and fucked up history that has had me covering or bailing out his ass almost every day for the past 12 years. I pull back my racket and serve a volley straight into his balls taking him to his knees with a grunt.

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