Wednesday Review – The Education of Sebastian

One of my NY Resolutions is to start reviewing for GoodReads.  Hopefully, unlike other NYR initiatives, I will be able to make this a regular weekly feature of this blog.  Wish me luck.  With that in mind – here is my first effort.  Be nice.

The Education of SebastianThe Education of Sebastian by Jane A.C. Harvey-Berrick

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Jane Harvey-Berrick takes a difficult moral tale and tells it with great sensitivity. Even though the story deals with an older woman falling for a yet-to-be-legal young man, the reader is left feeling great empathy for both of the characters who are emerging from very difficult personal circumstances. The principals are extremely likeable and I couldn’t help but want them to succeed. Their physical relationship is enhanced by a more than believable emotional development that is truly touching.

The slightly rigid and all-encompassing military base setting contrasts nicely with the laissez-faire lifestyle of the surfing beach, creating a nice metaphor for the lives that they both want to escape and lead. Harvey-Berrick is an intelligent writer who doses the story with humour – the sex scenes don’t always go to plan and some end up downright messy.

The next installment, The Education of Caroline is out in 2013 and it will be interesting to meet a more mature and, I suspect, alpha-ed up Sebastian.

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7 thoughts on “Wednesday Review – The Education of Sebastian

  1. showdog fan fiction says:

    I read this one over Christmas too and agree with your review, it was sensitive and erotic. She’s a talented writer and I just love her Taylor fan fiction and eagerly await her updates. I just felt a bit let down by the ending – I’m a sucker for a happy ending and I’d become so emotionally involved in the characters that I was gutted for them and that really marred my enjoyment. For that reason I don’t think I could bring myself to read it again. And ten years for the sequel – hello, biological clock (tick tock).


  2. tdhassett says:

    I clicked on your link for all your reviews and was amazed how many of the same books we have read..Have you read any of Susan Johnson’s stories, I love all her books and think she may have inspired my own book almost as much as the writings of Day and James. Thanks for posting all those reviews! tif


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  5. 1klkelly says:

    I agree with your review as well. I’ve read both of the books. Loved the story.


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