Chapter 19: Tears in Heaven

Chapter 19: Tears in Heaven…Read More Here

The day after Kate moves out of the treehouse, in spite of desperately wanting to find her, I have to go back to work. James meets me at the first site and we go through the progress being made with the site foreman and the project manager. Our meetings take all morning as we both get back up to speed with the business. Christian has requested a meeting this afternoon to discuss renovations on his latest purchase, a mansion for he and Ana. I leave James to it and head over to Grey House.

Christian meets me in the foyer and we go to a cafe to talk. He is happy and enthusiastic about this project and I am trying hard not to punch his fucking lights out. All of his shit seems to have cleared and mine is just beginning. I want to yell at him for being so fucking blissfully happy. I just lost my baby you dumb fuck! And Kate won’t talk to me. Don’t you get it? I don’t fucking care!

I don’t say any of this. Instead I smile and nod and promise to talk to Gia. I feel sick about having to talk to her. Gia, whose presence in my life made Kate cry so desperately on the floor of her apartment. When I leave Christian I drive over to the apartment but no one is there. Of course, Kate is at work. Starting her new life as if nothing has happened. It is like she doesn’t care which I know isn’t true. I watched her heart break yesterday. I tried so hard to catch the pieces before they fell but she pushed and I failed. Again. I don’t know what to do.


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