Chapter 17: The Sun

Chapter 17: The Sun ….read more here

Fetus week 9-10

Fetus week 9-10 (Photo credit: lunar caustic)

“Oh, Kate, you are darling. Ana doesn’t have what it takes to hold Christian. As for Elliot, well it is sweet that you are prepared to settle for second prize.”

The slap was so fast that no one could have seen it coming. Elena moved with it and clasped her hand to her face for a moment, glaring at Kate and then she came up swinging. Placing my body between them was the only way to protect Kate and Elena connected with my chest with a blow that barely glanced off my muscle. It certainly seemed to hurt her hand though. So much for the great domme. When she tried again I gripped her fist in my hand.

“That’s enough, Elena. Leave us the fuck alone.” Rubbing her face and her fist she backs away and then turns to walk into the house. When she gets to the door she turns and looks directly at me.

“You have no idea who you are messing with, little man.” Kate blanches next to me and I have to grasp her hand to hold her back. “If you think I will be pushed aside by either of these little sluts you and Christian are currently fucking then you have completely underestimated me.” We watch her go and then I turn to face Kate. She is fairly shaking with rage.


One thought on “Chapter 17: The Sun

  1. 1klkelly says:

    This is breaking my heart.


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