Chapter 15: Losing You

Chapter 15: Losing You …. Read more here

The black van pulls up alongside us and the guy riding shot gun signals. I drop back to let them in front and then follow them across town towards Beacon Hill. Finally we slow down outside a run down apartment building and watch as Jack’s car disappears down the drive. We pull up a block past the entrance and everyone piles out of the cars gathering on the street. Four guys in black suits and sunglasses make up the surveillance team. Fucking MIB or what?

“Phil Johnson, Mr Grey, how do you want to handle this?” Phil has obviously been briefed by Jason and I appreciate that he is deferring to me but now that we are here I am feeling out of my depth. Every bone in my body wants to go in and personally smack the living shit out of this guy but suddenly the risks seem too great. It was that kind of approach that landed you up to your nuts in shit last time.

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