Chapter 14: Flirt/I’ll Stand By You

Chapter 14: Flirt/I’ll Stand By You … read more here

The lights go down and I walk out and take my place on the floor. Elliot lies down upstage on the floor beside me.

“Deep breath, honey. I love you Kate.” He whispers in the dark, holding my hand. I obediently breath in deeply.

“I love you too, Elliot.” Then the music starts and the lights simultaneously fade up. We are bathed in blue light, wearing costumes that for all intents and purposes make us look as if we are naked, except for the sparkly bits. I have a white sheet wrapped around my body that Elliot, having risen up onto one elbow, unwraps slowly, lovingly, his eyes on mine with the hint of a sad smile. His hand touches my hair and then strokes down my body and I allow my body to ripple as he touches me. The rich soft female voice begins.

Oh, why you look so sad?
Tears are in your eyes
Come on and come to me now

Pushing up on one hand he leans in to kiss me and my hands raise to his face before sliding down his front as he raises up and over the top of me. His leg extends out in an arabesque and then he slides down between my legs pressing his body against mine.


3 thoughts on “Chapter 14: Flirt/I’ll Stand By You

  1. kaz says:

    Love it… Has kate been too silly.. Linc won’t let this go… More soon. Elliot is still doing for me, please don’t spoil him !!!!


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