Sasha Decodes: How Did We Get Here

Twilight movie poster.

Twilight movie poster. (Photo credit: …♥…Chicky Kawaii…♥…)


Sorry for the terrible play on words.  Nah! Suck it up.


Christmas was approaching, Mini-Me was 11 going on 12 years old and I was looking for advice on stocking fillers from friends with daughters who read, avidly.  The big craze that year was dah, dah, dah – no surpises – Twilight.  The movie had just come out but no one in my household was rushing to see it.  The books had been out for a while but when you live in the arse-end of the world (BIG disclaimer – Melbourne is still officially the world’s most liveable city!) – it is easy to miss the big trends, just through general apathy.  Besides, Slug Boy had skipped from Harry Potter straight to Stephen King by this stage and Mini Me looked on track to do a similar thing.  She was already reading Jodi Picoult.  In my naive brain I thought this Twilight thing will never last.


So I go to the discount book store – this is how long the books had been out – and bought the first two books.  I looked at the size of them and in my head went…’good economics, this should take her through the summer break’.  Gentle reminder for Northern Hemisphere readers that Xmas is in the summer here and sits firmly in the middle of the 5 week school holiday.  It is less about eggnog and turkey and more about beer and prawns.  No we don’t actually ‘throw shrimps on the barbie’, we do however, bbq the very large prawns.  I like to suck the juices out of something long and firm.


Well, I couldn’t have been more wrong about the books lasting her a few weeks.  She finished the first book on Boxing Day – didn’t come up from the swing seat in the back garden.  Then devoured the second book in time to beg us to take her out to the January sales to buy the third book with her xmas money.  I remember standing inside the house with my mother as we peered out at her lying in her chair flipping pages.  “Do you think she will want to eat any time soon.” says Mum.  “Mmm…I wouldn’t want to get my head bitten off asking her.”  says I.


Birthday Present


We sent her grandfather out to bother her instead.  It only took three days for the bruises to fade and the swelling to go down.


Less than 24 hours after she had finished book 3 the begging and whining started.  “Pleeeease…..can I pleeeeease have the last book.  I’ll clean my room, I’ll feed the dog, I’ll mow the lawns….pretty please Mummy, I love you!!”  In my wisdom as a mother I did the sensible thing, I made her wait three weeks.  Three whole weeks.  Interminably long,hot, whingey, whiny weeks!!!


Eventually I caved and we went off to Borders to get the next book which was, surprise, surprise, devoured within a couple of days.  Book vampire, that is what she had become.


What was all the fuss about!  I got concerned as she went into a second reading of all four books.  So I started to read….and read…..and read.  I have no idea what my life would have been like if these books had existed when I was her age.  I would never have gotten out of bed.  Oh, hang on a minute, I didn’t.  And once I  began reading about the sparkly vampire and his bumbling mate I wasn’t getting up for anyone.  Cos that is the kind of hard core chick I am.  Disney princess movies have nothing on me.  I cry at every sad and sappy ending (including when Leah gets thrown down the cracked abyss in the Breaking Dawn II fight sequence).  These books spoke to my eternal happy ending monster.


I just want to qualify the whole happy endings thing here by saying I believe in soul mates as being people (men or women) who you just connect with immediately on a deep level and know you want them to be in your life forever.  That is not the same thing as waiting for the perfect Prince Charming or Sparkly Bloodsucker to sweep you off your feet.  If you want to get swept off your feet you need to give a guy a hand.  After 20+ years of marriage to my best friend I can honestly say that you have to put effort into happily ever afters and be prepared to love and fight fairly but passionately.  Make up sex is definitely worth it!  Read More



5 thoughts on “Sasha Decodes: How Did We Get Here

  1. Atterbury ( Liz) says:

    I read the FsoG trilogy and learned it came from something called Fan Fiction of the Twilight series so I plunked down my Amazon nickel and down loaded the twilight sieries to my Kindle App on my iPad. I do not have children(mother natures idea not mine) but I do have Jr. Designers that I work with and have heard the raves of this twihard world. I too read all them in short order saw the similarity to FSOG and the draw to the characters that we all are so fond of! Would probably missed the whole experience if I hadn’t read about it backwards. I too have been married to my best, best friend for 20+ years and he has gotten quite a kick out of my new fascination with this FF thing I read now:)) thank you for bring these cherished characters to life! Liz


    • Thanks Liz. That mother nature can be a real bitch. I knew I had it bad when I was sitting in a coffee shop, kindle on my lap, making lists of all the ways FSOG was like Twilight. Sick to be making the lists, sick to know so much about Twilight in the first place, sick enough to think I have something to offer here in terms of fanfic or commentary. I don’t want to get well!


  2. 1klkelly says:

    I guess I’m the last person on earth that hasn’t read the “Twilight” series, nor have I seen the movies. I have also been married to my best friend for 20 + years and I kept getting asked “What are you reading?” (FSOG) I heard about it from the girls at my salon, friends… I have read it 4 times, and was thrilled when I found your blog along with J.H.’s , Monique Lain’s…


    • Funnily enough, I went out to dinner last night with an old friend from New Zealand who also has not read Twilight but then she isn’t that interested in reading FSOG either. I am wondering if FSOG is missing the demographic of mature single woman in favor of mature happily married woman. Seems to be what we all have in common here. I think it is the rereading that does SuperGeek’s head in. “How can you possibly read that crap again?” To which I reply…”Do I have to get my whip out and show you?” Lol. Perhaps I should start writing Elena more sympathetically (?)


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