Family Time–Better with Plasma Grenades

Family Time–Better with Plasma Grenades.

This resonates so nicely with my life in obsessions.  I remember when AOM came out.  I was doing the last 6 months of my Masters degree, sitting at home writing while the kids were at school.  In reality I was stuck and playing hours of AOM – or at the very least it ran in the background while I dabbled with narrative analysis.  Finally one day the obsession took over – I forgot to pick up the kids from school.  Had to front up to the office and be told off for abandoning them.  I shamefully admitted this to them years later – they love to hold it over my head when I am being a bad mother.  Of course, they recognize that my obsession is currently being Sasha and so they bring up the AOM incident  to remind me.  They are right but quite frankly they are old enough to catch the train.  Sod them I say.

Another good mother of the year award goes to me.  It is right up there with suggesting to my son that his band should call themselves the Uncanny Twats.

Sasha xox

3 thoughts on “Family Time–Better with Plasma Grenades

  1. Phil Gayle_For Singles and Couples says:

    Lol! Glad you’re not beating yourself up about it Sasha…as you said, they’re old enough to catch the train. 🙂
    2 things: –
    1Those lips remind me of my wife’s luscious lips. 😉
    2 May I please use your warning notice on my Blog?…I might alter it slightly but I like your format.
    If the answer is no…I’ll stop trying to save time and do it myself.
    Bye for now.


    • Phil, you are most welcome to use the warning. I borrowed and blended from a couple of blogging buddies. There is nothing truly original in the world. It is all remix and tribute! I do love a man who will say lovely things about his wife. 🙂


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