Living A Double Life

context / out of context

context / out of context (Photo credit: coy.abellano)

Sometimes I don’t know who I am. Most of the time, as a post structuralist I am fairly relaxed with this. I understand that identity is not stable. We all have multiple subjectivities which see us become different people, take on different roles in different contexts. These roles also are not stable as they change over time with our encounters with others and our growth in knowledge and experience. This is the type of perspective that allows Christian to have wild mood swings and to become a loving father by the end of FSoG, while still being a deeply scarred little boy, an emotionally stagnant adolescent, a dom in the play room and Master of the Universe in business. But like Christian and Ana who present differently in business, with family and in the bedroom, I feel that I am caught up in my own double life and quite frankly, I think it may be making me schizophrenic.

Read Living A Double Life here.

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